Protein Blend Powder B-AB (454g)

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Protein Blend Powder B-AB

Protein blend powder B-AB is a protein powder custom-blended for you. Not all protein supplements are created equally -because not all sources of protein are ideal for your body. Now, Dr. Peter D’Adamo has formulated a series of protein blends Right 4 Your Type®. Formulated only from pure, non-genetically altered natural wholefood sources, Protein Blend Right 4 Blood Type Diets B/AB® is unflavored and easily blends into any liquid. 

Free from unnecessary synthetic additives that may not be right for you, your custom Protein Blend provides the ultimate in protein fuel quickly and easily absorbed by your body. 

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Protein Blend Powder B-AB

I am completely satisfied with the product.
Posted by Ata, 9th Nov 2016