Happily I discovered this company while seeking clarification on matters raised in “Live Right for Your Type”.   A 20 minutes call, explained many things to me which set me right.   A couple of months later, feeling the benefit of a Type O diet, I had occasion to seek further advice . So intrigued was I with the idea of Nutrigenomics that I took the bull by the horns and signed up for the tests.    I haven’t looked back.   Unexpected discoveries were made.   A diet specific to my health condition, genetics and blood type was created for me - which is a much more refined version of the one in “Live Right for Your Type”.  I have followed all the advice given and taken the supplements suggested and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more energised and contented with my feeling of well-being and my shape for as long as I can remember.   Like so many young/middle aged/older females I’ve done every diet in the book, but nothing has endured.    Quite simply, I see now that the universal diets which are routinely splashed across the media are not as helpful to most people as we are encouraged to believe.   I was given facts, facts, and yet more facts to support my journey towards good, lasting, health.   I’m so very satisfied, delighted and happy with my journey.



During my recovery from chemotherapy for bone marrow cancer, I found I was struggling to regain my energy and health in general. Despite doing quite a lot of research on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, including changing my diet by cutting out all processed foods and only eating fresh food including a lot of vegetables, I felt I had reached a plateau which it seemed I could not rise above. It was only after  adopting the blood group diet that I saw an improvement in my health.

This, in conjunction with the vitamins recommended , specific to my condition and blood type, has returned my health to normality.

- Many thanks,RGW


To begin with I was a bit sceptical that changes by changing my diet were possible. I thought that at my age (67) I was as good as I could be because I have tried to look after myself all my life. However I thought that there was nothing to lose in trying out the blood group diet and the supplements. After following  directions and taking the supplements recommended I am thrilled with the improvements in all areas of my life. I will try to list all my improvements so that you can see why I am so pleased with the results.

From the top: -
The spots and skin blemishes I had from time to time have disappeared.
My headaches and the pains behind my eyes have gone completely.
My hearing has improved.
My joints no longer ache and so I am training harder than before. My muscle mass is increasing and my biceps are developing when I thought it would never happen because of the pains in my elbows.
The problems with my prostate have greatly reduced.
My toenails are growing properly for the first time in years.
As well as all this I have much more energy and a renewed zest for life. I am getting on with work on my house that I have been neglecting for the last few years.

Each night I go to bed tired but happy that I have not wasted a moment's time in the day. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me and I look forward to each day being as full as I can make it. I am so pleased you chose to share your knowledge with me.

- Many thanks, Tony Creegan

 I am writing this letter to tell you how very pleased I am that I came to see you, the blood type diet has been very beneficial for me, and the supplements  prescribed have improved my health and well-being altogether.

When I was 61 years of age I suddenly developed very serious allergies, and I had test after test to ascertain the cause, but to no avail, in desperation I was sent to the Westmorland General Hospital to consult a dietician, and for 18 months she worked with me to find a suitable diet, which was a low salacylate diet, but with a great many reservations, for instance she found that I could not tolerate any other fruit except bananas and tinned pears, vegetables were onions, potatoes, leeks, cabbages and swede, and I came to hate the sight of swede! But I did not get any better.

I persevered with this diet for 3 years, until I was introduced by you to the Blood type diet (A) and given the supplements needed to help my system recuperate, it has taken five months but I can honestly say that I feel much better, and am able to relax even the blood type diet on occasion, I still get the odd rash but it is as nothing compared to what I used to suffer, and I do not feel in any danger now from anaphylactic shock although I still have the Epipen just in case.

It was my 67th birthday on Monday last, and I am satisfied that the diet is working and is a joy for me, after the years of such a strict diet what a pleasure to be able to eat fish, have a choice of vegetables